Duck Nursery Theme

Duck nursery theme represented neutrality of decorating the baby’s room at home. This theme is great for both baby boy and baby girl. There are several colors that you can do to make the duck nursery theme look wonderful. You can place pastel green and sunny yellow color which can deliver the bright and shining feeling in your nursery. The color palette in the nursery is one of the important aspects that you should concern if you want to express comfortable and nice nursery. You can pick green and yellow as the primary accent to decorate the duck nursery theme. There are many ideas that you can bring in the nursery based on the duck inspiration.

Duck Nursery Theme Duck Nursery Theme

Duck Nursery Theme

Duck Nursery Theme Ideas

The first inspiration for duck nursery theme look is gained from rubber duck. I believe that when you walk on the baby store in town, the rubber ducks are spreading around the shelves. Most rubber ducks sold in the market are available in yellow color. There are many ways that you can do with the rubbers duck inspiration. As the focal point in the room, you can place a large bathtub duck as the decoration. For more tropical look in this duck nursery theme, the parents can add small orange umbrella on the room. Don’t forget to place some rubbers duck toys. The next thing that you should do in the rubber duck theme is treating the wall. It will be nice if you can apply wallpaper or even mural on the wall. If you love with something unique, you can paint large rain drops on the wall.

Duck Nursery Theme Ideas Duck Nursery Theme

Duck Nursery Theme Ideas

Raindrop Duck Nursery Theme

The raindrops are suitable to complement with the umbrella on the nursery. The crib in the duck nursery theme will be great with white and yellow striped bedding. If you want vibrant look, you can pick the bedding printed in such accent. The floating rubber duck installed on the crib is sweet to have. The next inspiration for duck nursery theme is a quiet pond. You can transform the room of your baby into something tranquil by having an oasis. The wall treatment is easy. You just have to paint it with pastel blue color. The border of the wall should be accented so that it never looks boring.

Nice Duck Nursery Theme Duck Nursery Theme

Nice Duck Nursery Theme

Characters of Duck Nursery Theme

You can use grass wall decals or stencil kits to paint green grass. The grass in the duck nursery theme should be in nice color to represent the oasis. The large tree is well represented through the artificial bench wrapped in foliage. The curtain of the duck nursery theme look should be available in duck patterned design. One of the most famous duck characters is Donald Duck. You can decorate the duck nursery theme inspired from this character.  The first thing that you should do is painting the wall in light purple hue. Then you can locate Donald Duck decal in the center of the wall as the beautification. Don’t forget to trim the wall by using some other images as the supporting effect such as the bright firework or even a nice castle in this Donald Duck nursery theme.

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