Simplicity in Vintage Victorian Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Victorian bedroom ideas can be defined with rich and dark colors. When you want to enjoy a simple expression inside the bedroom, you need to notice on the colors.  You have to pick the one which can deliver the authentic vintage feeling in Victorian bedroom. The people who love with ornate pattern and dark shades which create the nice appealing at home can use them. You can obtain a new style in the room. The color of burgundy is perfect to apply on the wall. It can create a luxury design at home. If you want to keep the bedroom simple and minimalist because of the small dimension at home, you can have the wall decorated with light tone.

vintage style bedroom victorian style bedroom ideas showhouse Simplicity in Vintage Victorian Bedroom Ideas

vintage style bedroom

Choose a focal point

The burgundy color is wonderful to apply on the bed spread, area rug or curtain. You will never perceive smaller feeling when decorating the sleeping room using vintage Victorian bedroom ideas. A dark wooden stain should be applied on the furniture pieces inside the Victorian bedroom. Most Victorian furniture whether it is a simple bed frame, table, armoire, and dresser should be finished in dark wood. You can pick the ones with detail carving on the edges or surface. Create a focal point in vintage Victorian bedroom ideas by having a four poster bed with grandiose design.

victorian bedroom ideas Simplicity in Vintage Victorian Bedroom Ideas

victorian bedroom ideas

Apply dramatic effect

You can have a dramatic effect inside the vintage bedroom by installing a vintage curtain in burgundy color along the canopy bed. The windows look wonderful if you spread a multicolored fabric from velvet or satin. The velvet curtain can block the sunlight and keep you warm during the winter time.  If you want to maintain privacy without blocking the light during the day, you can install a sheer curtain.  You can open the heavy curtain and close the sheer curtain to keep your bedroom private. The next thing to do is decorating the bedroom with antiques and lace. You need to create a beautiful design by using lace. You can have the bed spread, bedding, and comforter and toss pillows featuring any lace material.  The Victorian antiques can be decorated on the wall.

vintage victorian bedroom ideas Simplicity in Vintage Victorian Bedroom Ideas

vintage victorian bedroom ideas

Use antique collection

You can have a hanging shelving unit on the wall to hold on the Victorian antique collection. You can also set some Victorian lamps in the room. The ceiling in vintage Victorian bedroom ideas can be graced with a bright and sparkling chandelier. It can be made with crystal dripping. The Victorian antique dolls can be spread along the striped sofa. An area rug on the floor is perfect to grace the room. You can have the oriental area rug which can keep your feet warm during the night. You can have it floral pattern to keep the vintage Victorian bedroom ideas feminine.

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